General conditions of mail order sale of goods

The company Herbex spol. s ro, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Banská Bystrica section: Sro, file number: 6887 / S with its registered office at 991 28 Vinica 53, IČO: 31427774, DIČ: 2020382408, IČ DPH: SK2020382408, in compliance with the Civil Code No. 250/2007 Coll on Consumer Protection, as amended, and Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on Consumer Protection in Doorstep Selling and Mail Order Sales, as amended, issues these General Conditions of Mail Order Sales of Goods regulating relations between Herbex spol. s r.o. as sellers and consumers in mail order sales of goods delivered in the territory of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in such a way that the purchase of goods proceeds in a non-conflicting manner for the consumer in a consistent manner (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions).


a) Is a natural person who agrees that the business relationship between him and the Seller shall be governed by these General Conditions of Mail-Order Sale of Goods, the goods listed in the Goods Offer are purchased by the Buyer and are not used for employment, profession or business.
b) The Buyer is a natural or legal person who purchases the goods listed in the Offer of Goods for the performance of its business activities. Relationships between the Seller and the Buyer are governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code and Sections 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 of these General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods by Mail Order.


The goods are:

food products;
non-food products (further products)
listed in the Offer of goods on the seller’s website


3.1. The prices of goods valid at the time of conclusion of the purchase contract between the seller and the consumer are stated in the offer of goods. Prices are in € (Euro) including VAT.

3.2. In addition to the price of the goods listed in the Offer of Goods, the Seller shall charge the consumer the shipping costs of the goods sent, consisting of packing and shipping. The customer can choose the carrier that suits him better (Courier, Slovak Post).

Shipping costs of shipped goods are:

Total order amount Shipping method in Slovakia
Slovak Post Courier
up to 25 € 3,20 € 3,20 €
from 25 € to 40 € 0 € 2,00 €
over 40 € 0 € 0 €
Extra services for Slovakia: Cash on delivery + € 0.50

Total Order Amount Delivery to Czech Republic
Czech Post
up to 25 € 4,50 €
over 25 € free
3.3. For orders over 25 €, shipping within Slovakia and the Czech Republic is free. Only paid for Cash on delivery.

3.4. Seller may charge price supplements only if agreed with the consumer, the price discounts may be provided unilaterally by the seller in justified cases – without the consumer’s prior consent.

3.5. The minimum order value is € 3.98 and the maximum order value is € 300. If the buyer wishes to place an order above 300 €, he can do so only by telephone, by calling the phone number +421 32 77 421 19 and agree to arrange the order with the seller.


4.1. In order to simplify and speed up the completion of orders for repeated purchases of goods and to speed up communication between the seller and the consumer, the consumer may register, but registration is not mandatory. Purchases can be made without registration. Upon registration, the consumer will receive an email notification of the consumer registration. For purchases without registration, he will receive an order confirmation.

4.2. The Seller declares that all data stated in the registration form and the consumer’s order are confidential, will be used by the Seller only for the conclusion of purchase contracts for the sale of goods and execution of these contracts concluded by these contracts. The consumer’s personal data shall be disclosed to third parties only to the extent necessary for the delivery of the consignment or, where appropriate, for payment to the consumer.

4.3. The offer of goods and their prices listed on the website is a proposal of the seller to conclude a purchase contract with the consumer.

4.4. By completing the order and sending it to the seller, the consumer concludes a purchase contract with the seller under the conditions in these General Terms and Conditions specified for the goods ordered by the consumer; The consumer undertakes to take over the ordered goods and pay the agreed purchase price for them.

4.5. It is not possible to conclude a contract of sale between the seller and the consumer without filling in the consumer data stated in the order as obligatory; optional data are used to facilitate the communication of the seller with the consumer, and therefore the seller asks the consumer to include these data as well.

4.6. The goods specified in the offer, the consumer orders by entering the quantity and type of goods according to the instructions given in the offer of goods; the total price of the ordered goods will be continuously updated during the order completion – after the order has been completed and the payment method chosen by the consumer will be announced to the consumer the price of the ordered goods and the amount of shipping costs of the goods.

4.7. On completion of the choice of goods, the consumer shall determine the method of delivery